Sunday, April 5, 2009

(News) Freddy Krueger has officially been cast.

Jackie Earle Haley has been enjoying a great career resurgence after his engaging performance as an ex pedophile trying to fit in a normal suburban neighborhood in Litte Children; for which he received an Oscar nomination. Producers feel confident enough to cast him as the new wearer of the sharp glove, in the remake of Wes Craven's 1984 classic "Nightmare on Elm Street" says:
"LOS ANGELES, April 4 (UPI) -- Director Samuel Bayer says U.S. actor Jackie Earle Haley has hired to play killer Freddy Krueger in a remake of "Nightmare on Elm Street."
Bayer, who will direct the remake of the 1984 horror film that starred Robert Englund, said Haley showed his ability to evoke emotion in viewers by playing the superhero Rorschach in "Watchmen," The Hollywood Reporter said Friday.

"Looking at his performance in 'Watchmen.' Here's a guy playing a character under a mask yet you feel tremendous empathy for him," Bayer said.

"Elm Street" follows the disfigured "undead" child molester as he seeks revenge on those who burned him to death by stalking their teenage children in their dreams.

The Reporter said production will begin May 5 using a screenplay written by Wesley Strick."

I've heard so many rumors about casting for this film, mostly with Billy Bob Thorton. I looked this up for quite a while before I decided to post it, just to make sure it's legitimate. Apparently, it really is! I'm not necessarily a fan of remakes. As of now, all of Wes Craven's films haven't translated well in the remake department, but it's also in the casting as well as the director and screenwriter. Samuel Bayer hasn't done much in the movie department that I know of. In fact, he's actually done NOTHING, only music videos, which is shaky. On a good note, Wesley Strick has written some choice screenplays that show he's capable of doing an original justice. Strick is responsible for the screenplay of the Scorcese 1991 classic remake "Cape Fear", which I adore. He's also done Wolf; with Jack Nicholson, and True Believer. I'm hoping this can be something actually worth seeing, not every remake is deplorable, but not every remake is great either. Time will tell with this one.

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