Monday, April 6, 2009

(News) Watchmen director's cut coming soon.

Watchmen director; Zach Snyder, has revealed news of a director's cut of his hero epic. reports:

"As you might remember during the “Watchmen” junket a few months back, Zack announced a plan to release the director’s cut of “Watchmen” this July in a very limited run - maybe in New York and Los Angeles.

Since the movie didn’t do as well theatrically as all of us expected, many have wondered if that meant the theatrical run of the director’s cut might be called off. According to Zack, that isn’t the case and the plan is still to do a limited run.

But, while the theatrical cut of “Watchmen” was released in IMAX, don’t expect an IMAX version of the director’s cut. Zack told us the movie barely fit on the IMAX projector as a 2hr 40 minute film, so it’ll never fit as a 3hr 10 minute release."

I'm all for a longer cut of the film. As of this year, Watchmen is still possibly the best movie I've seen thus far. It was so complex, intricate, and imaginative. I knew nothing about it prior to it's release and I was amazed by the film's intensity. I read the book after and I must say that it's pretty faithful, though it's such a massive story that Snyder clearly couldn't have covered everything in one film. A 3hr and 10 minute running time would still not be enough to do this justice. However, it is an ambitious film for Snyder; still fresh in his career. He's proving to be getting better as he continues though. I'm excited to see what he does next.

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