Wednesday, April 8, 2009

(News) Year One gets an R Rating from the MPAA.

The mighty MPAA have decided to give the Judd Apatow/Harold Ramis comedy Year One, an R rating. Apatow and Ramis have apparently been taking it to the appeals board, but they won't budge on this decision. I don't know what the big deal is personally. I'm wondering if it's really Apatow and Ramis that are upset about it, or the producers of the film? Maybe they have plans to gear the film towards a younger audience, and an R rating won't quite get their target audience. I'd be a nightmare to work with when it comes to making films. When I make a film, I wouldn't let a bunch of cretins like the MPAA tell me what I can and can't show in a film. I could care less about drawing in the pre-pubescent protoplasms that litter the theaters texting their garbage on twitter about watching my movie. I'd take a limited release, X or NC-17 and release the film the way I'd want it to be released. Then again, plenty of producers would probably not want to work with me either. I doubt this film really deserves an R anyways, judging from the scenes I've seen thus far in the trailer. We'll see?

EDIT (April 10th 2009) - I just read that Apatow and Ramis have cut the film to the liking of the MPAA and they won the PG-13 rating. Honestly? I don't care...

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Kimberly said...

this movie looks stupid.